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September 03, 2021 2 min read

There will be some reasons for you to make configuration changes to your Pantera’s BIOS setup. Be it for setting up a dual-boot of Windows and Linux, changing boot order, or even locking your computer with a password, you will need to make some of those configurations from there.
But first, please be aware that you should only make changes to settings that you are familiar with. You can end up with an unstable system system or damage your computer’s hardware if you make a mistake.

Okay, let’s go!

Restart the computer and go into the UEFI settings by following these instructions.

  1. To go into the BIOS/UEFI settings, go to Windows settings in the Start menu then click the wheel icon (Settings), scroll down and double click “Update and Security
  1. Click on “Recovery” on the left
  1. On the right, click on “Restart now”
  1. The computer will reboot into a bluescreen which asks you to “Choose an option,” click Troubleshoot, next Advanced Options, then UEFI Firmware Settings, then click RESTARTon the next screen.
  1. Your computer will reboot, and after the XDO logo bootsplash disappears, you will be presented with the BIOS menu.

BIOS Basic Info

What you do here is entirely up to you.
You can:

  • Lock your computer using a password, that way no one else can start your computer.
  • Change boot drive order. Specially when you want to install a new operating from a flash drive.
  • Change operating system boot loader options if you have multiple OSes.
  • Enable/disable virtualization* (currently hidden, we will post a different article about this soon)

Some explanations will be shown on the upper right as to what the highlighted option does.
Keyboard shortcuts are shown below them. Go to the last tab (Save and Exit) for options of saving or discarding the changes you made.
Your system will then boot into your operating system with the changes already in effect.

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